With our roots firmly in classical 3D and 2D feature animation, Lightstar Studios' talent pool consists of a world-class tight knit group of talented artists with a love for this medium of entertainment. Together we have accumulated many years of professional experience working on over 14 feature films, several TV shows, commercials, and some corporate work. Our expertise in the animation process coupled with the variety of designs and fluency in a variety of mediums make Lightstar the studio of choice for both national and international markets. Lightstar has been the production house of choice for many European and US companies for the past 10 years, gaining a credibility and integrity through its founders as the premiere animation studio in Brazil.

We've had the honor of participating in several awards:

Marcelo de Moura        Producer/Director

Marcelo seeks out new business opportunities/joint ventures for Lightstar. He acts as the company's creative director overseeing the story and animation departments. With more than 26 years experience in the animation industry, Marcelo has worked as a storyboard artist, character designer and animation director for some of the major world class studios including Disney, Blue Sky studios, Warner Brothers and Don Bluth studios to name a few. He has an extensive knowledge of the animation process for feature, television and commercial formats. In addition he also acts as the animation supervisor for the Peanuts characters commercials for the Metlife brand.

Jean de Moura        Producer/Director

Jean is responsible for all the company's corporate affairs; her work includes budgeting, line production, exploring joint venture opportunities and seeking financing for projects. Groomed at Disney Feature Animation, Jean is a classically trained animator having worked in the past for Dreamworks, Warner Bros and Blue Sky Studios, with over 16 years of experience in the industry. Her strong artstic story skills enables her to act as one of the company's principal show creator and writers. She is currently directing Lightstar first original animated Tv series with Boutique Films to air on Gloob fall 2015 - SOS Fada Manu.